Tue 17.04.2018

JP Vodovod i kanalizacija Zenica has strengthened PK’s upgrading

There was three PK upgrades delivered to JP Vodovod and Zenica canalization. There are two piling upgrades from which one has a Palfinger crane and one pallet truck with the Palfinger MBB cargo ramp. All the upgrades were made on Iveco vehicles. Two Iveco vehicles are 4×4, which will be of great benefit to the company on off-road interference.

The Iveco ML150E25 4 × 4 is fitted with a steel three-way TK95-4.4 tire. internal dimensions 4400x2400x600 mm with PVC tarpaulin on manual winding. Behind the cabin, the Palfinger PK 5.001 SLD3 mounted with a hydraulic extension of 5.2m was mounted. The tire has single-sided sideways that are opened two-way – down 180 and swinging. The back side is shiny. The tug also has an aluminum loading loader of 5600kg which is located on the carriers below the chisel.

The Iveco ML150E25 4 × 4 is fitted with a steel three-cylinder TK95-5.0 internal dimension of 5000x2400x600 mm with a PVC winding trolley. The tipper has single-sided double-sided sides – downwards for 180 and swinging. The back side is shiny. The vehicle has aluminum load-carrying ramps of 5600 kg which, when transported, are located below the screed so they do not occupy space in the crates.


The Iveco Daily 35S15 4 × 2 is fitted with a TS-3.5 casing box with 3500 mm length, with a tarpaulin and a loading ramp MBB C 750L. The canopy is provided with an opening for transporting long ladders.


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