Thu 17.05.2018

Rakov Potok hosted off-road truck drivers

Last weekend in Rakov Potok near the city of Samobor was held the first Truck Trial race. It is about truck racing in driving on the off-road terrain. The race of skill was attended by drivers from a dozen European countries who, with their driving skills, were delighted by the present visitors. It was extremely tense, and the terrain was more dangerous, so the adrenaline in the driver and the visitor was bigger. Drivers confirmed that the track in Rakov Potok was one of the best and most demanding on which they were driving. The caravan moves to France where 19-20.05. holds the second of six season races.

As part of the presentation of the partners of the competition, PK presented with part of its production program. During the saturday and sunday visitors were able to see and test the MAN TGS 33.460 with the Palfinger PK33002SH crane and workhorse, the Ford Ranger 4 × 4 with the Palfinger P130A and the Takeuchi TB 290 and TB 235 dumper.

Below are the photos, official results, and short story about the event.

Official results are HERE.

You can view the racing report HERE.