Strizivojna Hrast is supplied with four PK forestry sets – forestry bodybuilding with EPSILON crane + PK trailer. The trucks are equipped with the EPSILON M12Z83 crane from the new NEXT EPSOLUTION series and the 6200 mm-free floorboards. In addition to trucks, PK trailers PSM200 were delivered with 7,000 mm floorless platform. Forestry bodybuilding are mounted on MAN trucks TGS 33.460 6 × 4 and MERCEDES Arocs 2645 6 × 4.


The EPSILON M12Z83 reach 8.3 m crane is equipped with the Palfinger Grabber FG53. The maneuver is from the high seat of the so-called “Classic Drive” with manual control. On the seat and on the support arm of the crane are located two halogen reflectors for safe manipulation under night conditions. Forestry upgrades on trucks have aluminum chassis protection and aluminum front wall. The platform is equipped with aluminum ExTe D10 10t support. A platform for the grabber is mounted on the platform. Forestry bodybuildins are equipped with radar reflectors, two under the front and two on the rear bracket. Trucks have a useful payload of 12,000 kg.


Forest trailer PSM 200 with gross weight 20t has a platform length of 7000 mm, aluminum protection of the loading space and four pairs of ExTe D7 aluminum booms. Trailers have a brake drum and a mechanical suspension.


Strizivojna Hrast is one of the most significant wood-processing companies engaged in the production and trade of wood. The company has been operating since 1996 in Strizivojna, near Đakovo, and even more than 90% of its income is exported. It is 100% privately owned and today employs more than 460 workers. Most products go to Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden. The first product of the company was spruce timber, and today the company manufactures elements, has its own wet drier, performs propagation of planks, propelling the elements for making the elements and has a lamella flooring. It is interesting that the company was the first in Croatia to operate a cogeneration plant for the production of electric and thermal energy based on combustion of wood biomass. The project was launched with the aim of producing its own electrical and thermal energy using resources from existing production (forest and wood biomass).